Lynx canadensis (Canada Lynx)

As in 2010, L. canadensis met the criteria for high volume trade and in 2011 EU imports were primarily wild sourced skins traded for commercial purposes (6042 skins), the majority originating in Canada (68%) and the United States (32%). Imports of wild-sourced skins decreased by 27% between 2010 and 2011. The SRG confirmed the positive opinion for wild specimens from Canada on 27/03/2007 and from the United States on 07/12/2012.

2010 Summary for Lynx canadensis (Canada Lynx)

Criteria met:  High volume

Principal trade term to the EU:  skins

Principal source:  wild

Top EU importer:  Greece

Top Trading Partner:  Canada, United States

CITES Appendix:  II

IUCN Status:  Least Concern

EU-reported imports of wild-sourced (includes source ‘W’ and source unspecified) Lynx canadensis skins (excluding skins reported in kg) by country of origin, all purposes, 2001-2010.

In 2010, EU imports principally consisted of 11,217 skins, the majority of which were traded for commercial purposes; small quantities of hunting trophies and trophy items were also imported. All trade was wild-sourced, with the exception of 20 garments reported without a source.
Imports of wild-sourced skins increased by almost four-fold between 2009 and 2010; imports originating in the United States were at their highest over the ten-year period 2001-2010.
The SRG reconfirmed positive opinions for specimens from both Canada and the United States on 27/03/2007.