Hippopotamus amphibius (Hippopotamus)

Criteria met:  High volume (globally threatened), sharp increase

Principal trade term:  teeth

Principal source:  wild

Top importer:  Turkey

Top Trading Partner:  Hong Kong, SAR; China

CITES Appendix:  II

IUCN Status:  Vulnerable

In 2011, Turkey reported the import of 221.42 kg of wild-sourced H. amphibius teeth for commercial purposes; the vast majority originated in Uganda and was re-exported via Hong Kong, SAR and China. The only other imports of H. amphibius teeth or tusks reported by candidate countries between 2002 and 2010 consisted of 20 tusks and 7.7 kg of tusks imported by Turkey in 2008 and 60 tusks imported by Turkey in 2010. No trade in H. amphibius to other candidate countries was reported by candidate countries in 2011, although South Africa reported the export of 12 wild-sourced tusks to Croatia (purpose ‘H’).